Planes & Automobiles… No trains yet, must be the weather!

Hi guys! I saw a lot of people were starting their years (or finishing the last one!) with woodwork projects and, whilst I’m not up to big DIY work, I remembered I had these two little kits in one of my craft boxes. Dad and I have put them together over the last couple of… Continue reading Planes & Automobiles… No trains yet, must be the weather!


As one year ends…

Hi everyone! First, let me just say I am so sorry for such a long break in posting! I’ve had 3 craft fairs in the last month and between the preparation, the fairs and the post-fair exhaustion, I’ve just not been able to do anything else! I’ve spent the last two weeks practically glued to… Continue reading As one year ends…

Life just keeps interfering!!

Hi all! Just a quick post to apologise for being quiet for so long! I was on a course last week to qualify as a wheelchair dance tutor (which I passed with distinction!!), and that’s kind of taken over my life the last couple of weeks!! Before that, I was doing a stock check of… Continue reading Life just keeps interfering!!