Learning some cool new techniques – Stamperama!!

Hi All! I know, I know, I’ve been so long between posts AGAIN!! February has just been so busy, and now Yaris is unwell too… I hate winter!!! Anyway, enough moaning and let’s get on with some nice stuff instead!! At the beginning of February I went to the Stamperama event near my home. They… Continue reading Learning some cool new techniques – Stamperama!!

Just For You!!

My third parchment piece was the card I used for my May card swap, my “Just for You” card! I did this in three stages – by tracing and embossing the main image, by colouring the image, and then by making the finished image into a card. I had also embossed designs into the card… Continue reading Just For You!!

Developing Roses to Bowses!!

Having made my first piece of parchment work – the rose in my last post – I used the same method to make a bow image. It was also made using stencils from the Fiskars kit, but I developed it further than the last piece, to make a full card. See the last post for… Continue reading Developing Roses to Bowses!!

Starting Parchment with a Rose!

So after finishing jewellery work we started working with parchment. Never having done this before I wanted to start with an easy piece, so I chose this rose pattern. Made using a 3-layer template, it was done using the instructions below. If you’d like a go, I’d love to see the results! Donna x Rose… Continue reading Starting Parchment with a Rose!