Loops, Wraps & Jump Rings!

Hello Again! I’ve started the year by making some new jewellery, and as last year’s efforts were mainly bracelets and necklaces, I decided to buy some earring kits in the new year sales. I’ve made quite a few pairs already, which I’ll tell you about soon, but before I start showing you those, I thought… Continue reading Loops, Wraps & Jump Rings!

New Year, New Start!

Hello and a happy new year to you all! Apologies for such a long break in posting, my grandad died, then I wasn’t well, then I couldn’t get my photos I was trying to add to the posts I’ve drafted to make the slideshows that I like… All in all a pretty rotten end to… Continue reading New Year, New Start!

My First Sales!

Hi again! Sorry I’m so far behind with my blogging at the moment, but I’m desperately trying to get ready for some craft fairs I’m doing at the end of this month (details at the end of this post!). I’ll be posting some more stuff in the next week or so I hope! I thought… Continue reading My First Sales!

Festivals galore!

There’s one problem to the summer – too many craft festivals!! There’s always something going on somewhere, or something to plan to go to, never good if, like me, you live on a very restricted budget and don’t get out of the house much!!┬áBut I have managed to get to 3 events this summer, which… Continue reading Festivals galore!