Yummy Gingerbread… For Wearing!

Something a bit different this time, with a set of necklace and earrings featuring cute little fimo gingerbread men! It’s made using another kit from The Bead Shop, Manchester (www.the-beadshop.co.uk), and is really easy to do! Hope you like them! Donna x Gingerbread Man Necklace & Earrings Kit (designed by Emily Kersh) Tools Needed:┬áRound-Nose &… Continue reading Yummy Gingerbread… For Wearing!

Pearls & Flowers!

These pretty fimo flower & pearl earrings are simple to make, so were a great starter project for me. I got the kits from The Bead Shop, Manchester (www.the-beadshop.co.uk), and have made them in different colours – white and cream, red, lavender and rosaline (a light pink). They look great in all the different colours,… Continue reading Pearls & Flowers!

Jasmine Necklace

Hi! I’ve also been for another lovely session with Stella of Navajo Beading (navajo-beading.net). We worked on a lovely Jasmine Necklace – a whole new, modern take on pearls (yes, I think “eurgh, grannies! ” when I hear pearls too, but trust me, these look great!). Enjoy! Donna x Jasmine Necklace Materials Needed: 4 x… Continue reading Jasmine Necklace