A Beautiful Cupcake (And Yummy Too!!)!

Just a quick post to show you this yummy cupcake I got at a local craft fair. It takes place in the town centre every month, but this time I saw some gorgeous looking cupcakes and cakepops! I had a piggy one (naturally!!), and it was as gorgeous as it looked. They were made by… Continue reading A Beautiful Cupcake (And Yummy Too!!)!

Crafting Holiday 2013 – Day 1

Hi! So, this week is the start of my holiday at the Manor House Hotel for 12 blissful days of crafting! Plenty of time for playing with Yaris too, as well as lovely food! Anyway, this morning was supposed to be Tai Chi but didn’t happen as weren’t enough people so Yaris and I had… Continue reading Crafting Holiday 2013 – Day 1