Swapping Again!

For July I decided to be a bit more adventurous when it came to the card swaps I do (for Yahoo message boards). I couldn’t manage the parchment swap this time (it called for more advanced skills than I have!), so I decided to do the “technique” swap too this month – to make a card… Continue reading Swapping Again!

May Card Swaps

I’m a member of two cardmaking groups in the Yahoo! message boards – the UKParcherPals group and the Card_Crafts group. In May I took part in the monthly card swap for each board (the Free swap for the Card_Crafts group), and sent and received the following cards. Card_Crafts Group (Free Swap) I sent my rose… Continue reading May Card Swaps

Starting Parchment with a Rose!

So after finishing jewellery work we started working with parchment. Never having done this before I wanted to start with an easy piece, so I chose this rose pattern. Made using a 3-layer template, it was done using the instructions below. If you’d like a go, I’d love to see the results! Donna x Rose… Continue reading Starting Parchment with a Rose!