Animal Apertures!

So this week Crafty Debbie and I wanted to do something a bit different, and after seeing an article in Papercraft Inspirations magazine, we decided to have a go at making shaped aperture cards. The magazine issue number is Issue 111, for those of you who are interested, and the apertures are in the shape of numbers for ages, with animals around them, which are interchangeable, so you can change animals and numbers to make cards to suit.  There are pictures below of the magazine pages, templates, and each stage of the cards we made.

Hope you like them!

Donna x

Animal Aperture Cards

Materials: Greetings Cards and envelopes, coloured paper, patterned paper, tracing paper.

Tools: Pencil, black marker pen, metal ruler, craft knife.


The following method uses the dinosaur card for age 3 as the example, but you use the same method for all the animals and numbers.

  1. Use the templates to cut out the dinosaur’s head and body from patterned paper. Go around the outline of both parts with a black marker pen so that it stands out. (Fig 1)
  2. Cut out the number three template and position it in front of the dinosaur on the card front. Draw around the three on the dinosaur and the card front in the same position.  (Fig 2)
  3. Draw around the three outline on the card front with a black marker pen. Use a craft knife to cut out the number three, using the outside of the black line as a guide. (Fig 3)
  4. Using the pencil lines as a guide, cut out the number three from the dinosaur’s body. This should leave the dinosaur in two parts that will fit around the three cut in the card front.  (Fig 4)
  5. Line the inside of the card with coloured paper. Glue the dinosaur to the card front making sure it fits around the three. Neaten up the lines with a black marker pen.  (Fig 5)
  6. To finish, add the dinosaur’s head, the little butterfly and any extra embellishments with sticky foam pads. This will give your card extra dimension and impact. (Fig 6)

And your lovely card’s complete!

We made a number 5 monkey, a number 3 dinosaur and a number 2 dog. Definitely a method we’ll continue to use in future though as it’s fun and easy!

As usual, pictures below. Let me know what you think!

Donna x

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