Fancy Face Masks!

So the last of the kits to be done in February was also from Aromantic (, and is for Natural Clay Face Masks.

Face masks will contain different ingredients depending on the skin type and purpose for which they are used. You may have spots or bad circulation in the skin, or your skin type may need moisturising, or a boost of vitamins and minerals. You may have exposed it to too much sun, stress, or too little sleep, or you may have been ill or have neglected your skin altogether. Face masks are ideal to use when your skin needs that extra bit of care. A face mask can also be applied to freshen up the skin before going to a party or other event.

Lovely for a bit of pampering!

Donna x

Face Masks

The Face Masks Kit from Aromantics is based on Green Clay, and is suitable for all skin types and conditions. The key is to use a suitable recipe for your requirements (see below), all of which are based on clay and water, to which the other active ingredients are then added.

Face Mask Recipes

Equipment: Measuring Jug, Bowl, Spoon (for stirring), Teaspoon (for transferring into pots), Pots, Scales

Basic Method

Stage 1:

  • Pour the water into a bowl and add the drops of Preservative Eco.
  • Sprinkle the clay powder over and allow it to sink into the water without stirring.

Stage 2:

  • Stirring can begin when the uppermost layer of clay powder has begun to absorb the water.
  • Add the other ingredients at this point.
  • Spoon into jars when fully mixed and smooth.
  • Label pots.

The shelf life of these products is approximately 1.5 years

Cleansing Face MaskĀ Ingredients:

Stage 1: Spring Water (35ml), Lavender Water (40ml), Preservative Eco (20drops/1g/ml), Green Clay (75g)

Stage 2: Tea Tree Essential Oil (3 drops), Lavender Essential Oil (3 drops), Lemon Essential Oil (2 drops)

Stimulating Face Mask Ingredients:

Stage 1: Peppermint Water (60ml), Preservative Eco (20 drops/1g/ml), Green Clay (75g)

Stage 2: D-Panthenol (4ml/g), Aloe Vera Concentrate (5ml/g), Lemon Essential Oil (5 drops), Peppermint Essential Oil (3 drops)

Nourishing Clay Mask Ingredients:

Stage 1: Rose Water (75ml), Preservative Eco (20 drops/1g/ml), Green Clay (75g)

Stage 2: Vitamin E (2g/ml), Evening Primrose Oil (2ml/g)(or Borage Oil), Sandalwood Essential Oil (5 drops), Geranium Essential Oil (5 drops)

Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin Ingredients:

Stage 1: Chamomile Water (40ml), Spring Water (25ml), Preservative Eco (20drops /1g/ml), Green Clay (75g)

Stage 2: Apricot Kernel Oil (10ml), Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (1 drop)(Optional)

For Sensitive Skin

A small amount of vegetable oil can be added to the recipe, or the Face Mask can be applied to dry skin which has been covered with a thin layer of oil. Wash the Face Mask off before it is fully dry. Another alternative is to apply the Face Mask to clean skin which has been moistened with water.

For Normal or Oily Skin

Moisten the lips before applying the Face Mask onto clean skin. Allow the Face Mask to dry completely (for approximately 15 minutes) before washing off with warm water. Grimacing before washing off the Face Mask is an effective way of removing dead skin cells.


  • If your Face Mask product becomes too dry, just mix in some water – especially if it has been stored for more than 1 year.
  • If you want to increase the shelf life, add 0.5% Vitamin E Oil as an antioxidant.
  • Different types of clay absorb different quantities of liquid so, once you’ve made your product, you may need to add varying amounts of water and Hydrolates (herbal or floral waters) to it to get the consistency right.

Clay Properties

  • Rich in minerals and active enzymes
  • Stimulates lymph circulation and thereby more efficient waste handling and improvement of cell nutrients
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Draws toxins and superfluous fat from the skin
  • Contracts and tones the skin
  • Strengthens the connective tissue

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