Sparkly Present & A Friendly One Too!

So, card number three in the iris folding project was a gift box, and I made it using sparkly paper (getting really addicted to shiny and sparkly at the moment!!), using more of the pink and blue I cut up for the last project. The method is again the same as that used for the owl card, and once complete, I decorated the front of the card using a gift bow I recycled off a present I received for my birthday in May, together with some curling ribbon, and a “Happy Birthday” greeting. I used this finished card for Crafty Karen’s granddaughter Sophie’s birthday card.

I loved the effect I got from this card so much I decided to make a variation of it for my July swap card (in the Card_Crafts Free Swap category), this time using light, “girly” papers – they have hearts, spots and flowers on them. I topped the finished card with a bow made from light blue ribbon, and a tag made from a topper that says “With friends like you, who needs chocolate?”

I’ve attached pictures of both cards for your perusal. What do you think?

Donna x

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