Craft Holiday Day 7 – Winter Walks & Crafty Cakes!

Day 7 of my lovely holiday at the Manor House Hotel for 12 blissful days of crafting! Plenty of time for playing with Yaris, as well as lovely food!

Spent the morning at a second all-morning session on Creative Embroidery, run by Jo, the same lady who taught me it before (a great tutor!!). I decided that, rather than start a second piece, I would carry on working on the piece I started last time, and have almost finished it. I finished attaching all of the felt trees, and added the decorations, before adding the glitter to the sky and ground that will give the impression of the stars and frosty state of the world. All I have left to do now is to add the French knots to make the snowflakes and my picture will be complete and can be put into its frame. I’ve not yet finished the piece, but have attached pictures of what I’ve done so far.

This afternoon I had a workshop on porcelain painting. I decided I wanted to make a cake stand and cake slice, as I like to make cakes when I’m at home and thought it would be lovely to have a nice stand to present them on. These are made using the following method:
1) Choose your piece to work on and the image(s) to be painted onto it.
2) If tracing the image on, take a piece of transfer paper and, ink side downwards, place it onto your porcelain, under the image, and attach with a piece of tape. Using a pencil, draw round the image, transferring it to your porcelain piece in the process.
3) Using an outliner or black porcelain paint pen, draw the outline of your image onto your porcelain. If using outliner, dry this using a hair dryer, held a couple of inches away from the piece, before continuing.
4) Fill in your image with the rest of your colours, taking care to dry any sections that may cause adjacent colours to run into each other before applying the next.
5) Using cotton buds, remove any paint from outside edges of your piece, and any excess marks from transfer paper (fingerprints etc).
6) Allow finished piece to dry for 24 hours then bake – place in cold oven and set temp for 150’c (300’f). Allow to bake for 35 minutes at temp, then turn oven off, open door, and allow to cool before taking the object out of the oven.
And you’ve finished!!

Below are pictures of my embroidery piece and my cake stand and slice. Apologies they’re not step-by-step ones today, forgot to take my iPad to take the pics!!
And sorry again that they’re not the greatest quality, or in my usual slideshow format, but I don’t have my usual editing software.
Talk tomorrow!



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