Craft Holiday Day 10 – From Bollywood to China

Day 10 of my lovely holiday at the Manor House Hotel for 12 blissful days of crafting! Plenty of time for playing with Yaris, as well as lovely food! So sad as realistically it is my penultimate day today – although I have Friday morning here, I am travelling home on Friday, so it doesn’t really count!

Could’ve had a late start this morning, but as is so typical of me, I was awake really early, so had a lovely shower and then played with Yaris before breakfast. Then went and sat in the bar and read my book in the sunshine while I waited for my first workshop of the day.

Spent the morning at a Bollywood dancing workshop. It was absolutely brilliant fun, and even in a wheelchair I could join in almost all the moves (and easily adapt the rest!). I loved being able to dance again, something I’ve been missing since being in my wheelchair (there are no wheelchair dancing lessons near me), and to get some good exercise at the same time is always a bonus! I’m definitely going to look and see if I can find a Bollywood class to attend when I get home!

After lunch I popped down to the candle making workshop again, this time to have a go at the dipping method. I didn’t get a chance at doing last time, because the class was just too busy for me and my wheelchair to move around in!
These are made using the following method:
1) Take a pre-made central candle shape for dipping and attach the wick to a bulldog clip (this
helps you keep hold without cramping your fingers!!). The cold temperature of this central
shape in comparison to the hot wax is what keeps the shape of the candle.
2) Dip the candle quickly into the clear wax pool, let the big drips off (takes less than a second,
but stops you spreading wax across the bench and into other wax pools!!), then dunk into
cold water to fix, and run your fingers lightly down the candle to brush off any excess water
and any detritus from the water bath. Repeat.
3) Dip your candle quickly into your first colour wax pool (to the depth that you require your
base colour to reach on your candle, but remembering that there is a heater at the bottom of
the pool so be careful!), then into cold water, as in step 2. Repeat several times until you are
happy with the colour, being careful to keep to the same height.
4) Dip your candle into your next colour (same method as step 2), but not so deeply, forming a
ring lower down the candle. Repeat several times, until you can clearly see the colour you are
working with.
5) Continue in this way until you have all the colours added that you require.
6) Once you have all your colours, you can either leave the candle as it is, or add decorations:
a – you can dip a length of extra wick in a contrasting or matching colour wax(s), then wrap
it round the candle in a series of rings or spiral
b – you can make a small puddle of wax on the bench, leave it to mostly cool all the way
through (probably takes about 5-10 minutes) then use cookie cutters of your choice to
cut out shapes to wrap around your candle
c – use the same technique as step b above, but cut out shapes freehand
d – using craft tools, similar in design to vegetable peelers and sharp knives, you can carve
designs into the candles, revealing the colours below and, if desired, making curls of wax
to make unusual shapes along your candle sides.
7) Leave your candle hanging up overnight to cool and set.
And you’ve finished!!

Then finished the day with a final session of Tai Chi and a lovely massage. Bliss!!!

Below are pictures of my work. Sorry again that they’re not the greatest quality, or in my usual slideshow format, but I don’t have my usual editing software.
Talk tomorrow!




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