Crafty Holiday 2014: Day 8 – A Fairly Lazy Day!

Hi All!
As my App didn’t want to work while I was on hols the last two week (& I spent ages writing the posts up too!!) thought I’d post them now I’m home. Will post one or two a day for the next week or two, giving me time to recover!!
Anyway, enjoy, and talk soon!
Donna x
Ps please excuse the images not all being of greatest quality, was using my iPad to take and edit them. Now I’m home will see if can improve them for the roundup post at the end, and the tutorials to follow, but wanted to post these as they were done.

Hi all!
It’s my eighth full day on holiday, and the first full day dad’s been here with me, so I didn’t want to do too much so that we could have some time together. We were going to be going wheelchair dancing at the local group tonight, but health issues intervened, so sadly we didn’t make it down there. Bit gutted as would have loved to have seen the guys and gals there I made friends with on a recent training course, as well as getting more ideas about how to run a group, ready for the autumn, but health always has to come first!
Anyway, was booked to have Tai Chi with the lovely Pippa from last year first thing, but not enough people signed up. Really sad about that, as I really enjoyed this, and would love to find out if there’s a group local to me to learn more – it’s so relaxing! So instead, I decided to have a sauna and a long hot shower, which was absolutely lovely!! After Yaris had a good playtime too, we had lunch, then I caught up on a few emails (in as far as deleting the junk and checking there was nothing urgent anyway!) so that I wouldn’t have hundreds waiting when I got home. Once it had cooled a little, and Yaris had had another playtime (to make up for the inconvenience of having to put up with me sitting reading emails instead of paying him the attention he thinks he deserves!!) dad and I went for a drink in the bar and just sat for a bit in the sun, before I went and made a couple of memory-wire bracelets – one in a kind of coral pink, and one in shades of black, white and silver. I also made a double-loop bracelet on tiger-tail wire in shades of purple, and with a purple ribbon bow by the catch. These are all kits from The Bead Shop, and I’d brought them so I could sit in the sun and work on projects like this when I didn’t fancy any of the workshops on offer. I quite like them, although the purple bracelet seems quite small to me… Though I am on the larger side, so maybe it’s just a matter of perspective! Anyway, tutorial for the purple bracelet will follow, and the other two bracelets are made in the same manner as this one, just with different beads.
Hope you like my efforts!
Speak soon!
Donna x




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